Pre-ride guidance

  • Check your bike before you start a ride – check tyres for big cuts/flints, brakes, gears. Keep your bike clean, chain lubed and tyre pressures correct.
  • Be self sufficient – drink, food, spare tube, tyre levers, repair patches, tyre boot, multi tool, pump/CO2 – and know how to use them. 
  • RESPECT other Road Users – do not respond to Road rage with Bike Rage .. ignore it! And remember as most of us wear club kit on the road it is your Club’s reputation that is influenced by how you ride and how you respond to the inevitable irascible driver.
  • All accidents must be reported to the Ride Leader and by the Ride Leader to the Club Captain at the end of each ride. A form is provided to Ride Leaders for this purpose.
  • If you have a Medical problem that is likely to affect you during a ride please have a quiet word with the Ride Leader beforehand. It is your responsibility not the Club’s nor the Ride Leader’s to ensure that you are fit enough to ride.
  • To encourage camaraderie and an effective warm-up all club rides will operate a “Neutralised” zone. On the Henley Road from Marlow this will last until the Harleyford Estate entrance. Up Quarry Wood Hill this will end at the road junction with Dean Land and Winter Hill Road, and up Spinfield Lane or Chalkpit Lane this will end at the Green at Bovingdon Green. So, up these hills the Ride Leaders will lead the group keeping them all together without people being in their “red zone” to the top and then the speed will gradually increase to the normal ride group speed.
  • The use of ebikes during club rides is at the discretion of the Club Captains. Where a current club member feels the need to use an ebike to continue riding the member should reach out to the club captains in advance to discuss. This is for the safety of the other riders in the club.