New Riders

Cycling is physical so we ask that you have a fitness level to enable you to ride 25 miles in two and a half hours. 

For your first ride with the club we will take you on mainly flat roads.  You should be able to ride up some hills, however these can be taken at your own pace.

We recommend the use of a road bike with narrow tyres.  Using other types of bike will require more effort and make the ride less enjoyable. 

We are not a racing club, therefore we do not permit the use of tri-bars on club rides.  Similarly, while we understand the popularity of ebikes, we do not permit them on club rides. 

Marlow Riders is committed to ensuring that all our members are able to ride safely and enjoyably. We also try to minimise any negative impact on fellow road users. For these reasons we limit our ride groups to a maximum of 10 led by a trained and experienced leader. The practicalities of this approach means that we have also had to limit overall club membership to 360 to ensure an adequate number of ride leaders, and safe group sizes.

Currently our membership is closed and our Waiting List is also full. As club membership is annual, the reality is that there is normally only one opportunity a year to join and the number able so to do is governed by the number of members who don’t renew. We will look at numbers and decide whether to open the waiting list for new members in February or March next year.