Ability groups

To ensure that everyone gets to ride with those of a similar ability, we have five ability groups, with sub-groups within each.  We are a road cycling club, so in order to keep up, you will need a road (AKA ‘racing’) bike, or a hybrid with smooth tyres. 

Lions – goes at the pace of the slowest led by an experienced leader.  You must be able to ride 25 miles within 2.5 hours. 

Easy Tigers – average speed: 12 – 15mph, does about 30 miles before a stop

Jaguars – average speed: 15 – 17mph, does 35 – 40 miles before a stop

Leopards – average speed: 17 – 19mph, does 40 – 45 miles before a stop

Cheetahs – average speed: 18 – 20+mph, does 50+ miles before a stop

You can find information on joining Marlow Riders in our new riders section.