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Our annual sportive The Marlow Red Kite Ride is on Sunday 3rd September.

Once again we are asking for your support to help run the event.  In previous years the key to the success of the event has been the club members that volunteer to help run the event with such great support and enthusiasm.

Can you please complete the simple online survey below to let us know your availability.  Please do so even if you have already been asked to take on a specific role so that we have a complete list

We are looking for helpers throughout the day, from setup at 6am to until everything is cleared up at about 7pm. Fortunately we have a large number of members so we can share the load. By knowing when you are available between those times we can make sure we have the right numbers of people around as needed.

If you have any questions, please speak to one of us or reply to this email

Many thanks
Graeme Badenoch and Gary Mitchell

RKR 2017 assistance availability
Please let us know your availability to help either run the Red Kite Ride or preparing for it. You can add any comments below
For clarity, we will provide a new t-shirt if you answer No to the question above. If you answer Yes we will assume you will re-use your currrent one.