Ride Group Categories

Our Ride Groups are categorised by speed (see below) so that members can ride with people of similar fitness and/or inclination – this means a more enjoyable ride for everybody.

As the club has grown some of the categories split into a number of groups so as to abide by the maximum rider per group limit of 10. When it is necessary to split a Ride category into sub-groups it may make sense to do this by dividing into those who would like a more social ride into one group and those who would like to push on a bit into another. The Ride Leaders will organise the groups and when they are doing so it would be sensible for people to be clear about their ambition that morning – e.g. I’m tired and I want an easy ride or I’m on top form and it would be great to push on a bit. Some Jaguar, Leopard, and Cheetah Groups post their rides beforehand on the Club’s FaceBook page – please ensure you are on FB as it does make communication so much easier.

If you are new to the Club or a Group it is always best to start off with a Group where you think you will be comfortable. If in doubt ask one of the Captains or Ride Leaders.

Lions – (Beginners) – the ride goes at the speed of the slowest, and is led by an experienced leader.

Easy Tigers – average speed 12-15mph, depending on how much climbing. Typically this group rides about 28-30 miles before coffee, and the emphasis is on social riding. Easy Tigers stop at the top of hills and ensure that everyone has recovered before going on (ie. lots of chat!).Paragraph

Jaguars – average speed 14-16mph. This group typically does 35-40 miles before coffee. Jags tend to wait at the top of hills too, but then like to crack on.

Leopards – average speed 15-17mph. Now we’re getting serious! This group 40-45 miles before coffee. Leopards don’t stop at the top of hills, but they do go easy so anyone dropped can catch up.

Cheetahs – average speed 18-20mph. Obviously the fastest cats, they do multiple hills and 50-55 miles before coffee. Cheetahs don’t stop after hills – they’ll see you at the coffee stop!