Welcome to the Marlow Riders website – home to cycling in Marlow and the surrounding area. Marlow Riders was set up in 2012 to provide ‘Cycling for All’. We are an inclusive club, we provide encouragement for those new to the delights of road cycling in a group, and a framework for more experienced riders to improve and progress. At Marlow Riders there is pretty much something for everyone.

Our focus is safety and enjoyment, with a strong social element, and nobody gets left behind. We love a cake and coffee stop –but only after we earned it!!

Club rides are every Saturday morning and in the summer we do evening rides on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well, sometimes with a beer after!


Ability Groups

Our ability groups are named after big cats, (an idea from our Chairman who thought it was more interesting that simply going with fast, medium and slow). Everyone quite likes it, and it seems to work:

Lions – (Beginners) – the ride goes at the speed of the slowest, and is led by an experienced leader. Lions soon earn their stripes and become Tigers!

Easy Tigers (Socialites) – average speed is 12 – 15 mph, depending on how much climbing. Typically this group rides about 28 – 32 miles before the coffee stop, and the emphasis is on social riding. Easy Tigers stop at the top of hills and ensure that everyone has recovered before going on (ie. lots of chat!).

Jaguars (Rebels – without a cause) – average speed 14 – 16 mph. This group typically does 35 – 40 miles before coffee, with 3 to 4 climbs. Jags tend to wait at the top of hills too, but then they like to crack on – sometimes the leader provides jelly babies!

Leopards (The Cool Kids) – average speed 16 – 18 mph. Now we’re getting serious! This group does several climbs and 40 – 45 miles before coffee. Leopards don’t stop at the top of hills, but they do go easy so anyone dropped can catch up.

Cheetahs (Elites – aka Geeks) – average speed 18 – 20 mph. Obviously the fastest cats, they do multiple hills and 50 – 55 miles before coffee. Cheetahs don’t stop after hills – they’ll see you at the coffee stop!

Every year Marlow Riders organise and host the popular Red Kite Ride sportive. http://marlowriders.org.uk/red-kite-ride/


Membership Update and new riders

If you would like to join Marlow Riders, please click here to go to our club membership site. If you would like try riding with us before joining, you may ride with us on three Saturday rides. Please email us at info@marlowriders.org.uk to arrange a trial ride.

Please note that Marlow Riders is a road cycling club and as such only road bikes or fast hybrids are likely to be suitable. Of course you may want to try out the club first before investing in one, therefore if you only have a mountain bike we would ask you to change to road tyres. There are plenty of second hand road bikes around to get you started. If you want advice on what type of bike to get have a chat with one of the captains team.


Our membership year is from 1st April to 31st March each year.